DOMA Exhibitions

// The Exhibitions in DOMA Art Fest 2015: Nordica //

For a third subsequent year DOMA Art Fest will present the fanciers of contemporary art with performances, exhibitions, installations, plastics and photography of recognized artists from the international art scene. The focus this year falls over the notional region of Nordica - bringing together artists from Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

DOMA Discussions

// The Bulgarian location-particiapnts in the discussion "Independent Art spaces" //

Snow flakes will fall gently on Sofia this spring, because of the cold front from Northern Europe, which will settle in just between 28th May and 20th June, bringing more than 40 contemporary artists from the region. The phenomenon is called DOMA Art Fest and this year the idea we have created is called Nordica - an imaginary country confederating Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden. The guests arrive with their personal performances and exhibitions, installations, photos, videos, provocations and thoughts. The best part is, however, that they will, together with us, have substancial talks on our DOMA: DIscussions module!

DOMA Cinema

// Cold Love ∴ Main Cinema Program of DOMA Art Festival 2015: Nordica //

Cold Love is a concept, which uses the most accessible and most cliched of human emotions as a focal point to paint a caleidoscopic picture of Scandinavian Cinema. Love may well be the the single point which unites the films in this selection. It is more like a looking glass, through which some of the specifics of Scandinavian film esthetics are painfully magnified to underline and disect the social and communication issues, which are typically viewed in Northern Europe.


// The functioning independent art space in Reykjavik. //

of the founders of Kling & Bang - Erling Klingenberg and Sirra Sigrún Sigurðardóttir - will take part in the discussion "Independent Art spaces in Bulgaria and Northern Europe"  on 2nd June, from 14:00 to 18:00 h at the New Conference Room - Sofia University Rectorate

An exciting dive into DOMA Art Festival

Have you ever asked yourself what a "triptich" is? And have you imagined being an assistant of an established contemporary artist? Or celebrating the Summer Solstice with a ritual? Or spend hours on end pronouncing Icelandic names?

All of this is now possible if you become part of the Volunteer team for DOMA Art Fest and dive into the exciting and mystical world of Nordic art, coming to Sofia at the end of May.





╱╱Independent art spaces in Bulgaria and Northern Europe ╱╱
Discussion: 2.06., 14-16 h. 
- New Conference Room - Sofia University
In most instances of large public discussions about arts and culture in Bulgaria, the subject matter regards issues of a larger scale, which is how sometimes comes the decrease in verbality and visibility of the particular...